The best places to take selfies in Paris

Known as the city of love, Paris is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Its charming mixture of remarkable architecture, cobbled streets, and stylish restaurants make it one of the most photographed cities in the world. Here we will inspect the top 5 places you can get the best selfies.

1. The Louvre

The best position to capture the grandeur of the Louvre is from the courtyard, in front of the pyramid. This angle will allow you to contrast the old historic former palace, bordering the modern glass pyramid in the centre.

2. Pont Alexandre lll

The most elaborate bridge in Paris is the Pont Alexandre lll. The extraordinary bridge is painted in a pastel blue hue and decorated with grandiose lampposts, nymphs and cherubs. For the best selfie stand on the left bank of the river with the bridge in the background.

3. Sacre Coeur

places to take selfies in Paris

The stark white dome of the basilica perforates the Parisian sky and is visible throughout the city for the keen eyed. To create an amazing selfie stand at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the dome.

4. Eiffel Tower

The Place de Trocadero can give you a perfectly framed shot of the Eiffel Tower. As the most iconic image of Paris it can understandable be a crowded place. So it is worth getting there early it and perhaps you might create a stunning selfie with the Eiffel Tower all to yourself.

5. Notre Dame

From the top of the panorama is the best place for you photograph. It covers the majority of the left bank, and from there you share a splendid view with the gargoyles. The most iconic picture is the aerial view over the Seine and the Haussmannian architecture of St Germain.


These top locations can help you produce amazing selfies, but they are only half the job. You will need to be the star, or at least the supporting act in any photo. To help you get fantastic results you can get photo tours with a professional photographer.